MEMS Application Development Center

Thanks to our know-how in gas sensors field and thanks also to the tight co-operation with Figaro, we are able to support customers in using TGS8100, the Figaro MEMS sensor for IAQ.

The support actions our technical and development department offers are several:camera climatica

first of all we support the customer in the use of the sensitive element TGS8100, also developing conditioning algorithms to optimize the sensor performances.

We can also support the customer in the realization of the project  and the technical solution that integrate the MEMS TGS8100, from the project to the mass production, passing through the sampling phase.

Thanks to our technical equipment which include a climate chamber (feature: -40:200°C and 0-100% RH) we are able to do qualification tests on the sensor and on the customer electronic.

Test chamber with gas and gas tanks are also used during qualification tests.